Does SHE like you?

There are many girls in this life who like guys. And girls too. This quiz will help you find out whether that special girl likes you or not. If not. Oh well! Enjoy!

This quiz is meant for guys and bi girls. I hope you guys enjoy this quiz and just a little side note, I DON'T JUDGE BI GIRLS! Hope anyone who takes this quiz will be satisfied with their results.

Created by: Mikelover111
  1. Does this girl try and get close to you?
  2. Does this girl blush when you talk to her?
  3. Do you ever study together at her house?
  4. Important Question!!! Do you like her?
  5. Are you guys friends?
  6. Do you two share the same interests?
  7. Does she look at you then smile a lot?
  8. Has she ever given you a gift of some sort? A note maybe?
  9. Does she act unusually weird when she is around you then she would with her friends?
  10. Do you know her parents?
  11. Will you rate and comment? (No effect)

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