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  • I have a question
    "I give my respect to the people above me. @dannylover321.. You are better than this. I promise. I don't know what you're sit"
  • I need some help..
  • I need some help..
    "-.- "Friend". That makes me mad. I've learned to control it a bit more, but it still manages to hurt me."
  • I need some help..
    "It's not jealousy. If it was jealousy, I would be angry."
  • I need some help..
    "Why would the guy ask her to prom if you were with her? That's just illogical. Sometimes it comes in the way of our relation"
  • I need some help..
    "I just don't feel as if it's jealousy. I'm not jealous of anything."
  • I need some help..
    "I posted in the relationship/dating forum, but I figured it might have to do with some mental health stuff too.. Hey guys. So"
  • I need some help..
    "Hey guys. So, I've had this issue for quite some time. The issue being.. ;; Whenever my boyfriend (of almost a year) hangs ou"
  • I'm back. :)
    "Awwh, noooo. :( I'm gonna go to bed.. But, it was nice meeting you. Hopefully we can talk again. :) Good night."
  • I'm back. :)
    "I'm pretty good. Pretty tired. But.. Today was my last day of school. xD"
  • I'm back. :)
    "How are you doing??"
  • I'm back. :)
    "Hey, Mike. You can just call me Red. :)"
  • I'm back. :)
    "Does anybody remember me?? I'm such an old member.. xD"
  • "Well, I am gonna go to sleep, so it was nice meeting you! Night. Hope ya feel netter"
  • "It's so sad."

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