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  • Well, well. I got undecided, lol. Hmmm, very interesting considering the circumstances. I actually think that is accurate.

    One feature I like about this quiz is that it isn't full of those questions like, "does he stare at you?" and all that stuff. This is because, number 1, people who are well, they met the person in the "virtual world," can still take the quiz, and also, I am blind, so I wouldn't know if he stares at me and all that. A lot of these quizzes that I have scanned to myself are quizzes that have a theme of "I am with the guy a lot,". Also, I like the way you put that the person is still special, no matter what. I like that feature of the quiz a lot.

    I said I wouldn't comment or rate, but I have decided to, lol. Well, whatever. Haha.

  • Undecided is what I got. :) I'm pretty happy with the answer I got, and the explanation or whatever it is, made me feel better about the answer that I got. Mikelover, good quiz. BUT, I cannot believe you spammed on your own quiz. x)

    10/10 :D Great quiz

  • Aww, sweet he loves me..all the quizzes i take do, except the one i made: What does he really think of you or something like that by Just Kidding. I screwed it up, so I'm warning you, the results are false. Live and yeah, don't take it

  • Hey everyone! I am the make of this quiz. I reviewed and it is not the best I have ever made. Please rate and comment! Give me ideas on what I should make my next quiz about! Thanks guys!!!!

  • Undecided, that still gives me hope though, 10/10, great quiz. =)

    I like music
  • Result" "He is undecided" =/ ...Well, nice quiz by a sweet person

  • omg once i was done taking this quiz i just got a text and it said... what up and it was from... my friend ha you just got punked

  • tomboykaitie-

    ya i know. i was bored and just was bored. haha xD


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