Does he like you?

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There are many guys who like girls and girls who like guys. But this quiz is only for girls. In this quiz, you will find out if that "special guy" likes you as a crush, or just a friend. Good Luck! And remember, if you get at bad result you don't like, You are still special!

I made this quiz for all girls who are urging to know if that "special guy" likes them. No matter if he likes you or not, you are still a beautiful young girl who will soon find that "special guy". But choose wisely...

Created by: Mikelover111
  1. MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION! Do you like him?
  2. Have you ever been in a relationship with this particular guy?
  3. Does this particular guy have a girlfriend?
  4. Are you and this guy friends?
  5. Has this guy ever given signs that he likes you?
  6. Does he tell the truth or lie to you? (It can be about anything)
  7. You are...
  8. You are... (If none apply then press the nearest possible answer)
  9. Do you have any talents? (If you don't, you are still special!)
  10. Do you and this guy hang out a lot?
  11. Will you rate and comment? (No effect)

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