What type of Nerd are you?

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Nerds come in lots of flavors. You may be more into Anime or Sci-Fi or Comics, but we all fit under the umbrella of Geekdom. Still, we all have our favorites.

Are you curious which type of Nerd YOU are and what that says about you? Take our quiz and let us try to shed some light on how our differences make us special.

Created by: Giuliana Locay of Rebellious Nerds
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  1. Which is the best couple?
  2. Which is the most evil Villain
  3. Which of these mottos speak to you the most?
  4. Which of these strike the most fear in your heart?
  5. Who is your favorite hero?
  6. Which exclamation would you most likely use?
  7. Who would you prefer as a sidekick?
  8. Which pet would you rather have?
  9. For you, love is...
  10. How does your story end?
  11. You have just a few free minutes, what do you do?

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Quiz topic: What type of Nerd am I?