What kind of geek are you?

What kind of nerd are you? There are many kinds of nerds out there but everyone is different. Did you answer honestly on every single question? If you did prepare for your result because Presenting what type of nerd are you?

Are you a nerd? We're all nerds somehow whether it be by intellect or Your video game obsession. You could always go on a limb. But why now Presenting Your nerd type. Don't wait any longer Take this quiz and get your curiosity fed!

Created by: Mckenzie Sykes

  1. What activity are you most likely to do?
  2. What trait do you value most and Why?
  3. Which of these have you heard of? Or are most familiar with? In other words use or have something related or do something related to it?
  4. Which of the following jobs sounds most intriguing?
  5. Pick your favorite movie.
  6. If you were to be told the world was over. Your next action would be _______?
  7. If you are Older than Highschool Age You can tell what you did. When you get into College what activity will consume most of your time?
  8. What Group of people do you generally Hang with?
  9. Who Do You Ship Name Up to 10 people Use ship name
  10. What trend or fad on the internet annoys you most?

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Quiz topic: What kind of geek am I?