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This quiz will determine whether or not you are cool or a geek. A geek is somebody who is kind of like the outcast you are not particularly liked by anybody. BUT there is nothing wrong with being a geek that just means you have to work on your social skills.

cool means that you are wyou are well-liked you are popular but t isn't that easy to be popular it's actually pretty hard to become popular,way harder than taking a quiz.

Created by: Nya
  1. you are at a party you.....
  2. where do you sit in class
  3. what do you do in class
  4. what do you do at recess
  5. how many people are in your group
  6. what is your favorite subject
  7. do you like this quiz
  8. are you easily bored
  9. what do you do in your spare time
  10. do you do a sport

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