Are you a friends geek?

There are many friends geeks, but very few that know everything about friends. A geek is someone who always gets top marks in a test but you are never a true geek untill you get full marks

Are YOU a friends geek? Do you know everything there is to know about Friends? Could you become a friends geek? Untill now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz in a few minutes you will find out

Created by: Lizzy
  1. Name a main character
  2. Which of these parings are married and DON'T get divorced
  3. Where is Friends set
  4. Where do the group hang out most
  5. How many children does Ross have
  6. Where does Emily live
  7. What is Rachels child called
  8. What is Ross' child called
  9. Phoebe doesen't eat meat
  10. How many are their in the group of friends

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Quiz topic: Am I a friends geek?