Are you a nerd like me?

There are those who have been set apart. In exchange for a teenage life of celibacy, they get to have all the fun. Anime, comics, RPGs, the life. Some call them nerds. I'm not a fan of the word, but what else ya' got?

Are you a nerd? It just might be that you are, you know. So take this quiz and find out if you know what color Faramir's socks are, or if you have a girlfriend! (Both would be nice)

Created by: 3AcresAndATau
  1. OK, let's get off to a start. How many friends do you have? Common, I know, but social status does seem to play into these things a bit.
  2. OK, the obligatory friend question is done. Pick an author.
  3. What was your favorite Tolkien book?
  4. Moving on. Your favorite comics publisher?
  5. OK then, what's your favorite (live action) TV show
  6. Now, favorite anime? If it isn't here, guess a group based on age, popularity, acclaim, etc
  7. You have been granted a power, or an artifact with power, and its drawbacks. What do you choose?
  8. Do you play Warhammer 40k?
  9. What's your favorite video game?
  10. Do you play Dungeons and Dragons?
  11. What is your favorite class?
  12. What's your favorite class in school?
  13. Which of these careers sounds like you?
  14. Got a favorite band?
  15. Do you still play with Lego?
  16. Have you ever had a girlfriend?
  17. Do you collect anything?
  18. Does your Myers-Briggs type have an INT in it? Or at least an IN?
  19. Did Han shoot first?
  20. Do you Catan?
  21. Have you ever cried for a fictional character?
  22. Favorite mythological Pantheon?
  23. Do you do a sport?
  24. How many lines of the Princess Bride do you know?
  25. Can you code at all?
  26. Which rebellion is the true rebellion?
  27. How are your social skills?
  28. Do you read for fun?
  29. What is Mountain Dew?
  30. Vehicle of choice?
  31. That about wraps it up. Pretty fun, right?

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Quiz topic: Am I a nerd like me?