The Nerd Thermometer

Are you truly nerdy, or do you just think you are? This quiz will somewhat determine your nerdiness if you believe that quizzes can determine such things. But right now; I'm right in the middle of defeating Ganon... so... I can't talk for long!

Have you delved into the deep, enchanting world of Harry Potter; stayed up all night playing D&D with your friends; had Star Wars/anime nights where you watch nothing but the above and even incorporate foods/drinks/costumes involving them? Find out how nerdy you are; here!

Created by: Irony

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  1. What is the title of the first original Star Wars movie?
  2. What sound do the Jawas make in the first original Star Wars movie when they attack R2D2?
  3. Who dies in the 5th Harry Potter book?
  4. What is a d20 used for in D&D?
  5. How many hours a day do you play WoW?
  6. How many books do you read in one month?
  7. Are you obsessed with the Renaissance time period, or any period long before the present?
  8. Do you go to anime conventions?
  9. Do you ever go to school dressed as a superhero, a ninja, a witch/princess, favorite character; or something people will stare and laugh at?
  10. Do you play in the school band/ been in a school play/ joined an academic sport, such as speech/debate or something like a chess club?
  11. Do you paint at all?
  12. Did you take a class higher than Pre-Calculus in high school, or do you plan to?

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