How Well Do You Know About Code Geass?

Smart people are rare and those not so smart people are littering the streets. Everywhere you go, there are sure to have a few geniuses around. Maybe someone you know, maybe someone you didn't know. Who knows, maybe it's you?

Are YOU a great fan of the anime 'Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion'? Or do you just take this quiz for Lelouch's looks? You could only wonder when you read this, but thanks to this quiz you're about to take, in just a few minutes you will find out just how well do you know about Code Geass.

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  1. Who is Karen to Lelouch
  2. What is Lelouch's Geass known as
  3. Who is Lelouch's father
  4. What is C.C known as?
  5. Who is Lelouch's first love?
  6. What is Lelouch's positon in the Royal Family of Britannia?
  7. Who is Lelouch's alter ego?
  8. Who kidnaps Nunnally near the end of season 1?
  9. Who is Kaname Ohgi's wife?
  10. Who is Suzaku's father?
  11. Who is 'the Spearhead of the Empire'?
  12. How many knights does The Knights of Rounds have?
  13. Who is the first prince of Britannia?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know About Code Geass?