7 Minutes in Heaven Quiz!

This is a 7 minutes in heaven quiz. i hope you like it bc i did this cuz i was bored bc the thread wasnt working. hahah. i dont feel like wrinting..dd.

visit th gtq threads. they are fun. hey. i hate writing. it took me like an hour to make this! haha. visit threads and i hope you like my quiz!!!! byez!

Created by: Mikelover111
  1. What group are in at school?
  2. Are you pretty sexual in your love life?
  3. Do you have a boyfriend?
  4. Do you hate school?
  5. What would you do if you were playing 7 minutes in Heaven for real?
  6. Have you ever played spin the bottle?
  7. Are you a virgin?
  8. Have you ever been in a relationship?
  9. Will you rate?
  10. Will you comment?

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