10 Minutes In Heaven

This is 10 minutes in heaven!! I hope you enjoy! I have to frikin' write 150 letters and I dont want to... *crys* How annoying... *sob* why doesn't it... okay, 150 letters done. *Returns to normal gloomy face.* Oh, and I am never going to write my real name on any quizzes so that isn't my real name. Check out my other quiz 'How vampireish are you' by Vivian. Again, not my real name!

Now another paragraph. Okay. I still hope you enjoy. Hey, you know I actualy made this quiz when nobody was around? My bro told me no, but I said so! (That was so not funny.) Enjoy.

Created by: Bella
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  1. Your bestest friend in the whole world calls and demands that you come to her party. You reply.
  2. No matter what you said, she drags you over anyway. Then, theres a kock on the door.
  3. Lets say you opened the door. Now you are face to face with.. Omg...
  4. ... boys from school.
  5. They are Seth, Josh, Alex, and Matt. Seth is emoish and has Black hair that covers one eye, his eyes are ghostly grey, his skin is deathly white, and he wears ALL black. Josh has blond hair, blue eyes, huge and I mean HUGE muscles and has a dark tan. Alex has orangey red hair, green eyes, has glasses and looks like he stuck his cheecks in a freckle machine. Matt has brown hair, brown eyes, and a medium tan.
  6. " We were invited to the party..." They explain, noticing your confused look. You shoot a death glare at Callisa and let the boys in.
  7. Suddenly, Callisa screams "Lets play 10 minutes in heaven!!!"
  8. You look around and notice ______ is looking at you.
  9. Oopsy... forgot to add in this Q.. whats your faveorate colour?
  10. Okay... you see the hat you are supposed to pick a name out of. You reach in and pick out...

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