7 minutes in heaven! hot guys

7 minutes in heaven is not only a game, it is a personality quiz! my quiz has great mind bottling results. there is dreammy Nathan, Quiet Chaz, and ------ Lee. I know people dont ever read this thing but hell wit it

7 minutes in heaven 7 minutes in heaven. blah blah blah i love justin bieber!! 7 minutes in heaven 7 minutes in heaven blah blah blah i need a coffee! blah blah blah.

Created by: jdblover

  1. Your friend Kelsey calls at 8 pm demanding you come to her party.
  2. she persuades you to come any way. you see a buch of hot guys in one place. kelsey in another, and an emty one.
  3. kelsey announces its time to play 7 minutes in heaven
  4. pick a number
  5. pick an object
  6. stereotype
  7. i cant think of a question at the moment! choose a singer! (wont count on result!)
  8. are you pretty
  9. are you gonna rate?
  10. areyou gonna comment?
  11. did you like this quiz?
  12. are you ready?

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