7 minutes in heaven (hot boys)

So, you go over to you best friend's house for a party. You guys get bored and decide to play seven mi utes in heaven. Everyone draws a number from Jake's hat and you guys get started.

Ya, so I hope you have fun. Sorry if you get a bad one. Arghhh! I have to reach 150 words so you should all have good time ... not there yet... so I hope you like who you got! :)

Created by: elsie

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How would you describe yourself?
  2. How many people like you?
  3. What number did you get?
  4. You are ...
  5. What is you favorite color?
  6. Your crush comes over to you. You say...
  7. You go into the bathroom before you start playing. You ...
  8. You go to wait with your friends. The door opens and tour bff is sitting there naked and Luke walks out ( fully clothed). You ...
  9. It's almost your turn, you ...
  10. It's time to see who you got

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