Heaven or Hell?

Heaven, the place of paradise, freedom, and happiness. Hell, the place of fire, torture, and blood. Where you're going is by point of view, at least, sometimes it is.

This quiz is completely basic from Christianity of where you are going: Heaven or Hell. I will not be biased about this quiz, I am doing my best to be truthful.

Created by: Zenoe
  1. You see a man in an alley. He is beaten and bruised. He begs for some money so he can have some medical attention, but you only have a $20 bill, and if you give it to him, you can't go to a movie with your friend. What would YOU do?
  2. You believe a man is worshiping Satan. What would you do?
  3. You own a business. You are legally allowed to treat your employees any way you want. How do you treat them?
  4. Are you atheist?
  5. How do you treat people with other religions?
  6. Somebody is planning to beat up a person that you have hated for many years. What do you do?
  7. Do you think you're going to heaven or hell?
  8. The following questions do not effect your score in any way.
  9. Did you expect questions about politics that would effect your score?
  10. Did you expect questions about sports that would effect your score?

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