Heaven or Hell?

This quiz is about whether you would go to Heaven or Hell when you die. What do YOU think? How many GOOD deeds have you done? How many BAD ones? Answers become clear in the results of this quiz.

Honesty is one of the biggest keys in this quiz. If you answer all questions honestly, there will be no mistakes in the result you acquire at the end of this quiz. If not, your result will most likely be different from what it should be. When you are done the quiz, whether you are going to Heaven or Hell will become clear.

Created by: Matt
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  1. Have you ever stolen anything?
  2. Have you ever lied?
  3. Do you curse? (As in, do you say bad words)
  4. Do you smoke/drink?
  5. Do you obey your elders? (Most of the time, at least)
  6. Do you do more good deeds than bad deeds, or is it the other way around for you?
  7. Do you believe in God?
  8. Do you pray/go to Church? (If you believe in God...)
  9. If you believe in God and you are religious and stuff like that, would/do you respect God or the Devil more than the other?
  10. Do you actually LIKE to sin?
  11. Do you ever think bad of God?
  12. If you ever sin, do you ever ask for forgiveness?
  13. Are you atheist?
  14. If you are atheist or if you sin, are you proud of being/doing so?
  15. Are you merciless when people disobey/hate/dislike/any-other-possible-opposition you?
  16. Do you ever seek revenge?
  17. Is blasphemy forgivable?

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