harry potter 7 minutes in heaven

have you ever wondered what its like to know who you would spend seven minutes in heaven with you could get someone nasty like draco or someone sweet like harry or you could get redheaded ron it doesnt matter just be yourself and have fun!

well now you took the test please rate it and post some comments nothing inapropriate please will you get nasty Draco, cranky Ron, or sweet harry your scores have decided that your match is...

Created by: Atala Cortenta
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Favorite magical animal?
  2. What you would describe yourself as:)
  3. How many pets have you had
  4. what movie of harry potter is your favorite
  5. im bored of writing questions pick one
  6. cutest guy
  7. is this quiz boring
  8. blech
  9. sorry bout that quetstion i got a funny taste in my mouth cause my little brother just puked
  10. haha i tricked you i dont have a little brother

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