Harry Potter: After Hogwarts!

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Please post your result! If you don't do so well, thats okay! Just surf the net to find that extra information!! JKRowling.com is an excellent site!

Are YOU a Harry Potter super-fan? Well, we will soon find out! Thank you so much for taking this quiz about the characters of the great novel Harry Potter!

Created by: Ginny_Weasley
  1. Who does Ginny marry?
  2. Who does Ron marry?
  3. Who does luna marry?
  4. What is Draco Malfoys son called?
  5. What is Ginnys children called? (I can't say her husband was or that would answer question 1!)
  6. What are the names of Bill and Fleurs three children?
  7. Who goes back to Hogwarts to sit their seventh year?
  8. Who becomes Minister for Magic?
  9. Does Ron pass his driving test?
  10. What do Harry and Ron become?

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