How Well Do you Know Harry Potter?

A wizard I see! You seek your longing to be a student at Hogwarts? WEll then step right on up to platform nine and three quarters get on Hogwarts Express and show us what you've got in store!

Are YOU a wizard or are YOU a muggle? You've always wondered why you can talk to snakes... One can only know their true destiny by doing one thing....eating hot dogs...i mean (*coughs*) TAKE THE QUIZ!

Created by: Kiara
  1. What are Voldemort's Supporter's called?
  2. What Are the magical school names in europe mentioned in harry potter?
  3. Who are harry's best friends?
  4. What House is Harry in?
  5. What are Harry's parent's names?
  6. Who is head of hufflepuff?
  7. Who is head of beauxbatons school?
  8. The ________ Forest.
  9. Fred,George,Molly,Arthur,Ron,Ginny, Charlie, Bill, and Percy _________.
  10. The wizarding sports game is called what?
  11. Voldemort is also known as______?
  12. Where did Harry live as a baby?
  13. (caution: hard question!)The wizarding bank Gringotts in Diagon Alley, home to goblins that do what?
  14. Harry's owl is named what?
  15. What uncommon ingredient is in harry's wand?
  16. true or false: harry goes to hogwarts for seven years
  17. What is Dumbledore's brother's name?
  18. When is harry's birthday?
  19. Does harry have a godfather?
  20. True or False: ron and hermione become prefects

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Harry Potter?