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  • Jim

    Jim smiles at you with his perfectly white teeth and brushes his blonde hair out of his eyes. You are absolutely thrilled because Jim is the hottest boy ever (he is also really nice and you've known him since you were 2. He is still smiling when he puts his hands on your waist. You both lean in and start making out. After a few minutes, he starts unbuttoning your shirt. When the door opens you two are doing "it". You notice the door is open and you put your clothes back on and run upstairs. You get married at 19 and live happily ever after.

    What?!? Married at 19?!?

  • Your Result: Sam

    Sam picks you up and all you friends start giggling. He confesses his love to you even though it is already pretty obvious. You blush and kiss him on the cheek because you are crazy about him. You make out until the door opens. He walks you home and you go up to your bedroom. Ten years later, he gets hit by a car on the way to your wedding. You never get over him and you remain single for the rest of your life.

    uh huh

  • Your Result: Jake

    Jake is the hot emo kid. He confesses his love for you in his way. You are pretty happy because all the girls like him. Then he starts kissing you slowly and you guys really get into it. When the door opens, it takes you guys a few minutes to notice. You date for the next5 years and then agree to be fronds until you die.

    ummmmm... think ive taken this quiz before and i didnt get this one.... 9_9

  • lol i just finished playin it in reel life and i got in an he stripped me and i stripped him then he licked al up my body and he shoved his dick in as far as it cud go and i moaned and moaned even loader and then he shoved his head under my legs and he licked and licked and it felt GOOOOOOOD and of corse he is my bf now ;D

  • He confesses his love to you even though it is already pretty obvious. I have a bf named sam. and a bff. this sounds like my bf tho...ya..kinda ironic

  • So it's like these are some sad romantic or a lil dirty stories cause why are we dying? *wipes eye with hanky*

  • ummmm i got jim and well me and my bf were doing it actually in this cupboard and well every1 saw after 7 min but we didnt stop ohhh yeah

  • I have never played the game in real life THANK GOD

  • cool.. i played this game in real life once... it was alot... uhh let just say it was.... uhhhh... interesting...

  • i got jake.*blushes*

  • I got Sam...wtf????

    OMW Maryssa OMW
  • i got Jake :D

  • sam. . . damn, he dies


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