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  • can you guess the lyrics?
    [published: Apr 13, 2013]

    okay, so i obviously couldnt do all my favourite songs, this quiz would take me longer than a life……

  • what/who am i? the game in quiz form!
    [published: Apr 05, 2013]

    so, can you read the clues and figure out what i am? i hope so! go ahead, get started!……

  • guess the movie quotes
    [published: Apr 04, 2013, 1 comment]

    this is a random quiz, and there are some questions you are 97% likely to get wrong, but you know, its……

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  • Hello.
    "hi. you know, i got a little worried a few moments ago, i found myself on the weird part of the site again. you know, the part where everyth..."

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