guess the movie quotes

this is a random quiz, and there are some questions you are 97% likely to get wrong, but you know, its just because im a pretty random person and stuff.

now i need to fill space, so, yea. im watching glee right now, i have the flu, its spring break, i got off school last thursday, got the flu friday, and yea

Created by: lamblambandsophi

  1. right now, you must guess who said the line
  2. but i am the chosen one! hint: this is a famous movie series that many people have grown up with
  3. before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean hint: you will find it is not a movie quote, but i think some one should put it in a movie. to help you, remember that squirmy little fur ball that john grogan had
  4. follow the spiders? why not follow the butterflies!? hint: you will find i am a nut about this one series
  5. now, i want you to guess who sings the song
  6. haha!!! got ya! now i want you to fill in the blanks
  7. you could have been _______, or worse, ________!!!
  8. the little grey cells have their work cut out for them hint: if you can get this right, i will be blown away! i swear, i only know one other kid in my grade who watches this!!!
  9. i kinda got bored, so now i want you to guess my favourite movie of the three listed below
  10. okay, now what colour is cinderellas dress?
  11. cinderelli! cinderelli! who said this?
  12. filthy mudblood! hint: he is in slytherine house
  13. im bored, i think i will leave now

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