How Well do I know famous Movie quotes?

OK, so you think you know famous movie quotes, hmm? Well, find out just how many you know using this simple test. It has simple quotes, but then again a lot of really hard quotes.

Well, this should be hard enough for you so I hope you are challenged with this. It's simple, yet hard. So I hope you enjoy this quiz. Have fun!!!!!!!

Created by: AwesomePerson1234

  1. Dun nun.....duh nun....dun nun...dundundundundundundun.......(silence)
  2. "Get out of my house!"
  3. (If you get this wrong, your obviously not a movie fan) Luke... I AM YOUR FATHER!
  4. "You can't outrun the wolf, kid!""Yeah well we'll see about that"
  5. "IT'S ALIVE!"
  6. " Jurassic Park."
  7. "She...she's gone.""DON'T SAY THAT!"
  8. "You make me want to be a better man"
  9. "Run, Forrest, Run!''
  10. "Oh, sexy girlfriend!"
  11. "The curse is real!"
  12. "Go ahead make my day"
  13. "You had me at hello"
  14. "Stupid is as stupid does"
  15. "All I need is some tasty waves and some cool buzz"

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