what/who am i? the game in quiz form!

so, can you read the clues and figure out what i am? i hope so! go ahead, get started! what are you waiting for? start! time is ticking!!! go! go! go!

okay, now i need to fill space. . . i always hate this part of it. so? how are you, today? good? i have the flu, so im not feeling great, thanks for asking

Created by: lamblambandsophi
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  1. i am a Russian gymnast, and competed in the Olympics in 2012! i was born in 1994. who am i?
  2. i live in the water, the oceans and seas, but dont bother looking, you wont find me! what am i?
  3. i am all around, i fill every space, but i am not solid, not liquid, and see me you will not, so tell me. . . what am i?
  4. i make some laugh, but i make some cry, i am a klutzy nut, and in my tiny car, many of us you can find. what am i?
  5. i am little, really quite short, i am quiet and kind and i dont generally like adventures of any sort. i have big, hairy feet, and am quite nimble indeed, so tell me, what could i be?
  6. i am interesting, mind boggling, in fact, sometimes i am little, but sometimes i am actually rather large. i am the definition of cameoflouge (sorry for any spelling errors, btw), so you will find me only if you look very hard. but startle me, and you may make give myself away! some keep me as a pet, but i am not one to be handled. i have a funny name. what am i?
  7. i am taken for granted, and probably only so much because i am SO useful. i shelter and protect, but i can kill, too. if one thing goes wrong in my system, its like dominoes, many other things can start going wrong, too. what am i?
  8. i am useful and dangerous, just like my friend above, but i am much smaller. i can attack from many positions, if you let, you know. i go up and down, or side to side, diagonally, or sometimes i get stuck and dont move at all. i can break or damage stuff other than you yourself, i pull hair, i trap you, what am i?
  9. if you want to quit now, go ahead, just know it will take away from your score
  10. in goes one thing, out comes another, i am more used by girls, but guys can use me, too. im cool either way. you need to plug me in, and i require light, but if you cant use or get either of those, thats cool, too, you can just pretend. i am kind of messy if not used properly. what am i?
  11. here come a couple good riddles i know! i start with an e, end with and e, and usually contain one letter. what am i?
  12. alright, i stay in one corner, and yet i travel the world! what am i?
  13. wanna know why i said clever to internet in the last one? it is because it stays in the corner of your desk top, your computer screen, but it travels the world because a)you can take the device anywhere (sometimes)and b) because the internet is basically everywhere, cause it travels through waves and lines all over to get to you!
  14. okay, bye

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