How good at Passive are you?

Passive Voice is not always easy to get. For that reason I have created a quiz on ho to use it in simple sentences so that you can check your understanding of it. Hope you do well :) Miss R

Steps to Form a Passive Sentence To form a passive sentence from an active sentence: Move the receiver of the action from the direct object position of the sentence to the subject position of the sentence. Insert the verb BE in agreement in number with the new subject and in the appropriate tense. Change the verb to its past participle form.

Created by: Ehimmy Rodriguez
  1. 1. A decision _____ today.
  2. 2. All the clocks _____.
  3. 3. Children _____ what they want to.
  4. 4. He _____.
  5. 5. It _____ important.
  6. 6. Some products _____.
  7. 7. The bells _____ if they could.
  8. 8. The bills _____.
  9. 9. The books _____ on the table.
  10. 10. The old dog _____ accidentally by a lorry.
  11. 11. The score cards _____ home today.
  12. 12. The passage _____ loud by one of the students.
  13. 13. The passports _____ as they are very important documents.
  14. 14. The table _____ by the children.
  15. 15. They put out all the candles that _____ during the blackout.

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Quiz topic: How good at Passive am I?