What kind of anthro character are you ?

anthro's are half human, ahlf animal, yet all have differnt personalities, from an aggressive leader, to a hilarious joker... are you a leader, strong, intelligent, are you a fiery kealia, or a rather passive Gwaiden? taek the quiz adn find out what exactly you are

do YOU have what it takes to become a certain anthro? Take a ste on the wildside, lets see which anthro character youo most like, and see if they best describe you as you are, or as you want to be. Take the quiz now, to sum up if you have a 'fury side" XD

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  1. In your group of freinds, what do you consider yourself as?
  2. you're campin outside with your friends, when you hear a noise and a shadow, what do you do?
  3. You see your worst enemy, they say somethign insulting to you: what do you do?
  4. you go to a shop you buy:
  5. you go and see a movie
  6. you fall in love:
  7. you are hanging out with your friends, you decide to go:
  8. you find a breifcase with $1 000 000 (one million dollars) you :
  9. you fall over and cut your knee badly
  10. you describe yourself as
  11. are you good-looking

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Quiz topic: What kind of anthro character am I ?