How well do you know the whole FNAF series?

Most people might wonder what FNAF is.Well it stands for Five Nights At Freddy's.The creator made the game very sneaky with clues to multiple secrets hidden in the game.

How much have you figured out? Are you as clever and resilient as the creator? If you don't know anything you will at the end of this quiz and may be tempted to go and figure it out on your own so go ahead!So are you ready for Freddy?

Created by: FNAF company

  1. Who possesd the Springtap suit?
  2. What was the first suit a child was stuffed in?
  3. What caused the Springtrap suits spring locks to release?
  4. What was the name of the first restaurant?
  5. How many animatronics have childs souls inside them?
  6. Who caused the bite of '87'?
  7. Who transfered the child's souls to the animatronics?
  8. Why are the old animatronics in FNAF 2 so withered?
  9. What is the order of the restaurants?
  10. When did purple guy die?
  11. Why do you always get the "bad ending" in FNAF 3 when completed normally?
  12. What happened in 1987?
  13. What 3 reasons gave the Freddy Fazbears Pizza franchise a bad public view?
  14. What time frame does FNAF 1 take place?
  15. What do the hallucinations in FNAF 1 say?
  16. Wich animatronics were in Fredbears Family Diner?
  17. Who started the Freddy Fazbears Pizza franchises downfall?
  18. What colors are all the fans in the FNAF series?
  19. Have you ever noticed the cupcake in all the games?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the whole FNAF series?