How Well Do You Know FNAF?

Horror games are scary, and can sometimes have very scary secrets, and FNAF is no different. But, the question remains. How much do you know about the infamous horror game, Five Nights at Freddy's? Find out in this FNAF quiz NOW! No, seriously, please do it now.

Do YOU think you know everything you possibly can about FNAF? Well, think again! This quiz will test your FNAF logic to the maximum! Questions like 'Who is the killer?' and also 'Who made FNAF?' will be in this quiz, and many more! So, tell me. Do YOU think you know everything you possibly can about FNAF?

Created by: Chappy

  1. Let's start off slow - How many games are in this franchise? ( This includes official games made or announced by Scott Cawthon. )
  2. In FNAF3, the animatronics were acting like ghosts. (Except for one.) What were they called?
  3. In FNAF2, unlike FNAF1, there were new animatronics. 4 of them were called a certain type of animatronic. What were they called?
  4. When are the retro minigames introduced to the FNAF franchise?
  5. How many shadow animatronics are there in FNAF?
  6. What are the names of the 5 main animatronics?
  7. Now, time for the harder questions - Who gave life to the animatronics?
  8. Who is the very famous killer of FNAF?
  9. HAHAHAHA! I have hacked this quiz, and now it is RANDOM CHANCE QUESTION TIME! HAH! Never ever EVER mention me in a quiz, ok? HA! ~ Purple Guy
  12. Yes! I'm back in control! =D And it's my favourite numbered question! =D Anywho. Who. Made. FNAF?
  13. What is the correct order of the current FNAF timeline?

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