How we'll do you know FNAF

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You are talented smart and capable of success and if your good at research you could research a horror game it is still research. I know it may seem real and scary but I believe in you

Hello are you skilled enough to take this quiz it might be a little challenging but I believe In you I trust in you not to accuse me for anything I promise I'm a good kid this sounds suspicious I know but plz km only eleven years dies this sound like a bcrazy 50 yr old

Created by: Drago
  1. Who caused the bite of 87'
  2. How many animatronics are in the first restaurant?
  3. Who is the phone guy
  4. How many games are there? (This is an easy one)
  5. Why is Foxy out of order
  6. Who WAS the Marionette?
  7. Who died in spring trap
  8. What are the two shadow anamotronics in fnaf two
  9. How many old anamotronics?in second game
  10. How is the phone guy still alive
  11. Is there going to be a fifth game?
  12. What is so secret about the drawings in the first game?

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Quiz topic: How we'll do I know FNAF