Experimental Psychology

Distinguished by empirical, objective and rigorous testing and analysis, psychological research is a field in which certain rules about procedure must be followed to the tee in order for the information found to be generalizable and academically sound.

How well would you be able to conduct your own psychological research? What do you know about the scientific method? Are you abreast on the different components of the Research Process? Test your knowledge on the basics of Experimental Psychology

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  1. To be studied scientifically any behaviour must be assumed to be
  2. The goals of psych research are
  3. In description of pych research
  4. The third goal of psych research is explanation which must have GENERABILITY. There exists 3 conditions for causual inferences
  5. True or false. When it comes to prediction. Correlational relationships allow prediction but do not make causal inferences.
  6. The fourth goal of psych research is control and application. Select the correct statement.
  7. What is NOT a feature of a theory.
  8. Scientific research criteria include
  9. Circle the response indicating the statement you agree with COMPLETELY.
  10. True or false. Objective means free from bias.
  11. True or false. Systematic - observations occuring in a step by step or serial order.
  12. In controlled scientific research
  13. In scientific research skepticism is one of the key criteria. Which statement accurate describes what skepticism entails?
  14. True or false As a researcher you must be careful as to where you obtain your evidence and you should go to the original source.
  15. The concepts are an impetus for research.
  16. True or false. There are eight steps ( one sub-step) in the research process.
  17. True or false Hypothesis Generation, Selection of sample, data collection and data analysis are the only features of the research process.
  18. The following are steps in the research process. Research Question â?? Hypothesis Generationâ?? Operationalizing Concepts and Variablesâ?? Choosing Research Design (and selecting sample) â?

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