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Dependant Personality Disorder is quite common amongst people. It is important that everyone knows whether or not they fall under the category of Dependant. I believe everyone is dependant in some way.

I made this quiz for a project in Psychology class. It's legit, don't flip out. I got marked perfect on this :)... so it's fairly good! I hope you enjoy taking it!

Created by: Ashley

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  1. Do you often find yourself asking others opinions and heavily relying on their advice before making decisions?
  2. Do you often find that you need others to assume responsibility for some parts of your everyday life?
  3. Do you often find you have trouble expressing your own opinions of disagreement with others?
  4. Do you often find it hard to initiate tasks in your life due to lack of self-confidence?
  5. Do you often find yourself going to excessive lenghts to be nurtured and accepted?
  6. If yes to the previous question, do you go to the lenghts of volunteering to do things you know are unpleasant for you?
  7. Do you hate being alone because you are unsure in your ability to take care of yourself?
  8. When a close relationship ends, do you often rush into another relationship?
  9. Do you find that you are unable to make reasonable demands on other people?
  10. Are you often preoccupied with thoughts of being abandoned by a person close to you?

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