How well do you know FNaF?

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This is a simple quiz to test your knowledge on the FNaF franchise! See how good you are at the game with this quick 8 question quiz! Some may be quite hard...

Make sure you don't look up any answers! That does count as cheating and your final score will not be your real one! Only true FNaF fans will not look up anything during the quiz!

Created by: therealphobiaman

  1. How many animatronics are in FNaF 2? (Not including secret characters such as Golden Freddy or Shadow Freddy etc.)
  2. Which animatronic gave Scott nightmares?
  3. How many Five Nights at Freddy's games are there in the franchise?
  4. Which two nightmare animatronics appear in FNaF Help Wanted?
  5. Which side of the room does Chica almost always appear on?
  6. What is the first name of the player in FNaF 2?
  7. Which Rockstar animatronic does NOT have cheeks?
  8. Which animatronic summons more animatronics in Ultimate Custom Night?
  9. What happens when you set the animatronics custom night values in FNaF 1 to '1987'?
  10. What is the gender of Mangle?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know FNaF?