what fnaf at freddy's charecter likes you?

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hey this is peachyultimobotanist this is my first quiz so bare with me btw i love fnaf and i am a big fan of puppet so also i think that chris is shadow freddy and i feel more comfrontable with puppet being a boy so don't hate me

so in this quiz i did puppet,golden freddy,shadow freddy,shadow bonnie,and springtrap i only did these ones because i feel like all the others get more afection then these ones but in this quiz you will figure out wich animatronic will marry you

Created by: peachyultimobotanist

  1. me: oh hi puppet what are you here for? puppet: i was wondering if i can ask a question to the people me: sure puppet: what is your favorite color?
  2. me: thanks puppet hey goldie do you want to ask a questiongoldie: sure what is your favorite food?
  3. me: thanks goldie hey shadow freddy do want to ask a quetion shadow freddy: sure what is your favorite video game?
  4. me: thanks shadow freddy hey shadow bonnie do want to ask a quetion shadow bonnie:sure hmm ah what is your fav music?
  5. me:thanks shadow bonnie hey springtrap do you want to ask a question springtrap:sure whatever which afton family member do you like most?
  6. me:thanks springtrap so here is a question from all of the people that just asked you one because there to scared to ask what is your fav animatronic
  7. me:so here is a quetion that i am just wondering about who is your fav sander side
  8. me:my fav is virgil but that is my opinion heads up these next two are from dif video games because i can't think of anything so yeah what is your fav charecter in undertale
  9. me:well does anyone know undertale just wondering this one is from bendy and the ink machine cause why not who your fav character
  10. Me:well i guess this the last quetion before you get you result did you like this and should i make more

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