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Hi everyone! It's Spotatia again! (Lol) I bet you were wondering in that other FNAF quiz about that result 'Someone Likes You!' Well.. now you don't need to anymore! Now you can find out who your special someone is!

So anyways, if you get someone like Springtrap, it's ok! Love is love! Even though no one would expect a person who you-don't-want-to-knows children/people and calls them rats to love you! But.. love is in everyone! In some way for something, but anyways, have fun!

Created by: Sen_Si

  1. Me: "Hi! Me again! If you didn't last in the last quiz, why am I even here.. oh well.."
  2. Me: "Well come, it's time o find out who likes you."
  3. You and me teleport to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Me: "Ok, so, we are going to be interrigating all of the boys, to see who likes you, ok?"
  4. We walk inside, everyone is lined up, greeting you. Me: "Who first?" Freddy: "Me." Me: "Ok." Me: "Ok, what should we ask him first?"
  5. Me: "Ok, my turn. Freddy, what do you find interesting about Y/N?" You are..
  6. Me: "Ok.. so.. what's your fav color?" Freddy: "Um..."
  7. Me: "Ok, it's settled.. Springtrap, you're next." Springtrap: "Ok, whatever." Me: "Ok, Y/N, ask away."
  8. Me: "Ok, me again.. would you EVER hurt Y/N?" Everyone: "Oooh!" Springtrap: "Shut up, hmm.."
  9. Me: "Ok.. now Golden Freddy, your turn." Golden Freddy: "Ok.." Me: "Do you guys always have eachother's backs, Golden Freddy?" Golden Freddy: "Uh.."
  10. Me: "Ok.. what is your type?" Golden Freddy: "Introverted and likes to be there for others."
  11. Me: "Ok, Puppet, you are next." Puppet: "Ok, coming." Me: "Do you like anyone around here? Don't tell me who though." Puppet: "Ok.. yes." Me: "Ok."
  12. Me: "Ok.. Bonnie?" Bonnie: "Yes?" Me: "Do you have a special someone?" Bonnie: "Hmmm..."
  13. Me: "Does she like playing guitar?" Bonnie: "Hmm.."
  14. Me: "Ok.. Foxy!" Foxy: "Coming, lass." Me: "Ok.. do YOU have a special someone?" Foxy: "Huh.."
  15. Me: "Does she like adventures?" Foxy: "Yes." Me: "Ok.."
  16. Me: "Ok.." Me: "Ok, let's talk for a second, Foxy, you first." Foxy: "Ok." Everyone tries to follow. Me: "ALONE." Everyone stops trying to follow. What are you doing?
  17. Once everyone had their turn with me, then I talked to you to tell you who likes you.

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