How well do you know your FNAF facts?

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Welcome to my FNAF quiz, only 20 questions long to test how strong you know your fandom and facts in this area. Be careful for a few tricks along the way...

Do you think you have what it takes to get a perfect score? Are you a true FNAF fan? Scroll down to find out.... and don't forget to comment your result!

Created by: Minhx_luv
  1. Who is the father of the Afton family?
  2. Who is the mother of the Afton family?
  3. Who is the middle child of the Afton family?
  4. Who is the oldest child of the Afton family?
  5. Who is the youngest child of the Afton family?
  6. Who is Henry Emily?
  7. Who is the man behind the slaughter? (reference)
  8. What was the bite of 1983?
  9. What is the scooper?
  10. What is the fan-made nickname for the man behind the slaughter?
  11. Who was the creator of FNAF?
  12. What is withered Chica's line?
  13. What animal is Freddy Fazbear?
  14. What is Rockstar Chica scared off?
  15. Who's birthday was it from 1983?
  16. Which animatronic gave the creator of the game nightmares?
  17. Which side of the room does Chica almost always appear on?
  18. What is Mangle's gender?
  19. What year did the fourth game take place? (FNaF 4)
  20. Who is William Afton's child in the movie? (Not following the fan lore we all knew..)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my FNAF facts?