How similar are our FNaF AUs?

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I'm currently working on the FNaF 3 quiz, so have this quiz to hold you over! I don't know when I'll finish the FNaF 3 quiz, but I know I will by March.

I will probably write down what happened in my FNaF AU later on. Anywho, time for my compulsory statement; The disclaimer for copyright reasons! I do not claim ownership of the Five Nights at Freddy's series. The series belongs to Scott Cawthon.

  1. Did FNaF 2 take place before FNaF 1, or vice-versa?
  2. Who was the Bite of '87 victim?
  3. Were the Bite of '87 and '83 the same event?
  4. Do you ship any characters in your AU?
  5. What was Mrs. Afton's name?
  6. How did Mrs. Afton die?
  7. What order were the Afton children born in?
  8. Did Charlie / The Puppet have any siblings?
  9. How many children did the Afton parents have?
  10. Did Michael die at the end of FFPS?
  11. Did Henry die at the end of FFPS?
  12. Was Michael FoxyBro, BiteVictim, or neither?
  13. Who was the character you played in FNaF 4?
  14. What animatronics are possessed?
  15. Did William have siblings?
  16. Did all of the missing children die on the same day?

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