Are our FNaF AUs similar?

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Hello! This is my first quiz. Now, if you know anything about FNaF, you know it is a wild ride full of Easter eggs and unproven theories. My years in the community have helped me piece together the theories I like the most and fit them together as best as I could. There will be holes, I will smooth it out soon. This is not the canon version whatsoever--None of this is canon. That being said, if you do not like something mentioned, please just leave now.

With all that said and done, there are of course triggers that I will mention, for the mental safety of those who may struggle with certain things. These triggers include: Mentions of k!lling, su!c!de, and other d3ath-related topics. Mentions of bl00d and g0re. Mentions of pr!s0n. If those or anything such bothers you in any way, please leave for your own regards. Thank you.

Created by: aightbetonurmom
  1. First of all, MikeBro or MikeVictim in your AU?
  2. Alright, then, how many Afton children?
  3. Mrs. Afton's name?
  4. Why did William k!ll the Missing Children?
  5. How did Mrs. Afton d!3?
  6. Any ships in your AU?
  7. Anything else you'd like to add?
  8. FoxyBro's name?
  9. Who k!ll3d the Missing Children?(This one will 100% either give you full credit or go into negatives.)
  10. I am currently running out of ideas for this. Do not fret, if you come back in a month or so, I will probably have added more.

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