Do you know all theories about FNAF?

Do you really know that muchof Five night at Freddy? come try this quiz to know. Are you Good or bad in theories? Try here to become the Five night at Freddy theories King!

Are you in max note?,Average note or bad note let see it now and don't forget to share please! I'll do more quiz later!(don't be offensed by your note)

Created by: The quiz maker
  1. There was what number of missing child?
  2. Who did the bite of '87 in the game 1 and 2
  3. Is the marionette was a killed cild too?
  4. Purple guy is an animatronic?
  5. The name of the childs was:Frederic, Sarah, George, Mark and Nathaniel?
  6. The purple guy was the first nightwatcher?
  7. You're the killer of the five child?
  8. Foxy is good?
  9. New animatronic try to call police?
  10. The puppet is in the kitchen of the first game?
  11. What prove that phone guy was killed by golden Freddy
  12. Finish here(There not all the theory i know)

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Quiz topic: Do I know all theories about FNAF?