Are our FNaF AUs alike?

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This is a quiz to find out how much alike me and your FNaF AUs are, do we have the same opinions or not?We'll compare to see how different we think of the FNaF lore.

Remember, this is my AU and my opinions. This is only to compare our opinions on the FNaF lore and our alternate universes of the game, if you do not like it then you can leave.

Created by: Jinxolite

  1. Do you ship?
  2. What are your sibling Ages? (Old - Young)
  3. What is C.C's name?
  4. Was William a great father?
  5. Does CC possess any animatronics?
  6. Why did Michael bully C.C?
  7. How many souls does Golden Freddy have?
  8. Cassidy's Gender is..
  9. FNaF 1 or 2 first?
  10. What happened to FNaF 1?
  11. Does Willima regret everything/anything?
  12. Is Glitchtrap WIlliam?
  13. Does the Afton Silbings like William?
  14. Who is Clara?
  15. Do you have: GlamMike/Gregbot or GregCC theories?
  16. Did William purposely kill his kids?
  17. Which is your favourite game from the series?
  18. Who is your favourite Afton?
  19. Favourite Missing Child?
  20. Does Vanessa A have a twin? (In the VIP ending of SB)
  21. Were the Phantoms hallucinations?
  22. Were the nightmares hallucinations?
  23. Does Elizabeth suffer from Golden Child syndrome?
  24. Did CC stay in a coma while fighting the nightmares?
  25. Do your souls in your AU need a vessel unless they'll forget their memories/who they are?
  26. Without the souls Puppet gave life to present, she cannot set anyone free?
  27. Roxy, Chica & Monty are trying to Kill Gregory because..
  28. Does Captain/Glamrock Foxy exist in your AU?
  29. Did Monty decommission Bonnie?
  30. The Blob is made up of pure agony

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