Which fnaf security breach character are you

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This is a personality test that will tell you which fnaf security breach character you are this is my first quiz so I’m trying to get a good reputation I will do more quizzes about popular video games like among us and mine craft and more fnaf

I will do my best to be funny throughout this 16+ quiz pls pay attention to that age restriction because there is mild language in this quiz I will ask you questions like what’s your favorite color and stuff like that the results you can get are: Freddy Monty Roxy Chica moon sun Gregory and vanny

Created by: Toots

  1. Favorite color
  2. Which game
  3. What to watch on TV
  4. Game genre
  5. U get bullied. What do u say?
  6. Byyyeeeeeeee
  7. You sure
  8. Really?
  9. Take a map!
  10. Enjoy your stay at Freddy fazbears mega pizza plex!

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Quiz topic: Which fnaf security breach character am I