How much do you know about FNaF

Are you five nights smart well let's see if you are a fnaf genius or if you are fnaf dumb and by the way chica is a chicken not a duck ok got it she is a chicken.

Do you know stuff about fnaf like that chicks is a CHICKEN not a DUCK SHE IS A CHICKEN not a DUCK AHHHHHHHHH oops went crazy about the whole duck chicken thing

Created by: Flubbered
  1. Who is in springtrap
  2. Where does toy chica put her eys
  3. What is Springtrap
  4. Why can the animatronics move at night
  5. Who appears in the IT'S ME hallucinations in the first game.
  6. What do you put the animatronics difficulty at in the first game 7th night to make golden Freddy appear instantly.
  7. Is foxy's jaw broke
  8. Who is in every hallucination in the first game
  9. Is the puppet an animatronic
  10. Who is the main animatronic in the pizzeria

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about FNaF