Will You Survive FNAF

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Hi! I am Spotatia the leopard! (Not really) but today you are going to meet my friends, Freddy, Foxy, Chica, Bonnie, Springtrap-not really.. but anyways, as well as Golden Freddy, Puppet, and Mangle. You will have a tour around Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. And I hope you survive!

But here are some tips to surviving: 1. Be NICE. No one but Springtrap likes mean people. 2. Be CAREFUL. Springtrap can get you whenever. And that's that, I hope you survive, gl!

Created by: Sen_Si

  1. Me: "Hi Quizzer! It's Spotatia! Tonight, right now, we are going to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, and you better behave, so, come."
  2. Me: "Ok, let's go." We both teleport to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, then once we get there, we meet Freddy. Me: "Quizzer, meet Freddy! "Freddy: "Hi."
  3. Me: "Ok, now meet Foxy, Chica, Bonnie, Puppet, Mangle, Golden Freddy and-" I notice Springtrap isn't there. Me: "HEY! I INVITED YOU SPRINGTRAP SO COME!" Springtrap: "UGH! Seriously?" He notices you. Springtrap: "Well hello there rat." He grins evily. Me: "Springtrap, that's not what we call our Quizzer-" Springtrap: "WHATEVER."
  4. Me: "Ok, who votes for Truth Or Dare?" Everyone except Chica votes. Everyone except Chica: "Me." Me: "Ok." Whatever your opinion was, we played Truth Or Dare. Me: "Quizzer, Truth Or Dare."
  5. Freddy: "My turn now, righ-" Springtrap: "MY TURN!" Everyone frowns. Springtrap: " Truth Or Dare?"
  6. Freddy: "Now finally MY turn, Y/N, Truth Or Dare?"
  7. Me: "Anyone else?" Everyone shakes their heads. Me: "Ok.." I look up at the time, it is 5:59am. Me: "Ok everyone, it is getting late.. how about we choose a group to sleep with?" Everyone: "Ok, sure." Me: "Ok, Y/N, choose a group."
  8. We all go to sleep except you.-You think. You don't trust Springtrap, and you're wondering what he's up to. But should you have a sneak peek?
  9. But either way, you still check up on him either now or later on. You see him planning a you-don't-want-to-know, what do yo do?
  10. You told the others or not, they found out the next day, since they found the shap tool on the table.. yikes.. a few pass and you and Springtrap have an encounter. Springtrap: "I will get my revenge." Then thank life, he walked away. Now what? Pizza or nap?
  11. Later on, you caught Springtrap trying to get to his thing, should you tell the others?-NEVERMIND! HE SAW YOU! WHAT DO YOU DO NOW?
  12. He got you.. oh, my.. you still have a chance. The door may be locked but there are a few ideas..
  13. Either choice, the others came in. Me: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING SPRINGTRAP?" Springtrap: "What?" Me: "LET HER GO, NOW!" Springtrap: "Nah, they work for me now, right, Y/N?" He grins evily.
  14. Later on, if you decided previously today that you work for Springtrap, that changed. You are now with us again :) Me: "I'm SO sorry about ALL of that. Are you ok?"
  15. Me: "Ok, you should go now, it was nice meeting you, Quizzer." Everyone else: "Bye." Me: "Bye!" Mangle: "WAIT! Bye to you, too!"

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