Which FNAF 3 character are you? (Including a shadow)

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HELLO! This is my third quiz! I know it took me a while to get this one done but it's here! FINALLY! Anyways, so there wasn't really a Bonnie, other than SpringTrap, so i decided, for u Bonnie lovers, to add Shadow Bonnie!

So, no, Shadow Freddy isn't in this, but there is a question about him, and if you do get Shadow Bonnie, your technically a Shadow Freddy too! (If you don't like Bonnie)

Created by: MangledTrap

  1. Age? (Maybe)
  2. Favorite color?
  3. Favorite animatronic?
  4. Me: ok, who want's to ask a question?~Phantom Freddy: i will, since i got nothing better or do, ok, do u like to sing?
  5. Springtrap: Would you obey my orders, if you were a Phantom? *laughs*~ Me: 🤔
  6. Phantom Chica: are u a kind person? ~ Springtrap: *roles eyes*
  7. Shadow Bonnie: do u play an instrument?
  8. Phantom Foxy: yargh, what be your favorite night guard?
  9. Phantom Puppet: do u know who are killer was?! *laughs* i do, but he's dead now... *laughs harder* ~ Me: kewl...
  10. Phantom Mangle: *laughs* aha, Do YOu LikE tO pLAy GaMEs?!
  11. Phantom Balloon Boy: do i have to ask a question? ~Me: YES! Now ask away :) ~Phantom Ballon Boy: *roles eyes* fine, do you like to hurt the night guard for fun? *smiles evilly*
  12. Me: ok time for some weird questions! Which death do you prefer to have?
  13. Me: how would you react if you saw a living piece of bread with a mini jet pack?~ Phantom Foxy: this bread can go to mars!~ Springtrap: *looks at Foxy* why?...
  14. Who is the man inside Springtrap (Spring Bonnie)?
  15. Which Afton is Shadow Freddy?
  16. What color does Springtrap's eyes turn to on night 2?
  17. Last question!! Did u like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which FNAF 3 character am I? (Including a shadow)