sleep if you sare to die

A lot of people know Freddy Krueger as a horror icon are you afraid of him or do you think he's a punk. Freddy can get you at any time CAN YOU SURVIVE

U will b forced into different settings following a story line . I tried not to give away the answers by not doing one of the answer choices So dont blame me if this suks this is also my first quiz EVER!

Created by: Donavyn
  1. you are in a house filled with water you run towards 4 doors you run towards the door leading to the:
  2. you mysteriously fall into the water and wake up in a dining room chair dinner is set and you are on the opposite side of freddy krueger you are taped to the chair you:
  3. While freddy is messing with you he accidently cuts the tape you run upstairs defenseless Freddy stalks behind you run into a bedroom and find some items you are hurt and can only choose one weapon you choose:
  4. a strange shadow appears before you can choose you are lifted off of the ground and thrown against each wall you try to:
  5. the shadow disappears and drops u decide either to:
  6. Freddy sneaks from under the bed and reaches for u he pulls u under. U are in a building struggling with him u push him away and run to the:
  7. Freddy comes towards u blocking both of the doors but u find another door u havent seen before you run into it its an elevator by the time the doors r closed u notice there r no buttons and u go straight up water starts to fill the elevator the elevator comes to a stop in the fifth floorthe flooding stops at ur neck u:
  8. u wake up in a hospital startled u need surgery u need to be put 2 sleep u decide 2:
  9. Freddy comes in dressed as a doctor its the final stand off u have no weapon u:
  10. u find an ax and decapitate freddy after u:

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