The How Do You Sleep Quiz!!

Here are many ways to sleep all different and special . I have found some of the most common ways to sleep and put them in this most best quizzes of all time so sit back and enjoy this fun quiz and please don't forget to rate it.

Do you know how you sleep are you a star a post or much more. Every one sleeps differently but do you know if the way you sleep effects the way you think act and behave you don't know then take this quiz and find out!

Created by: plople hingleton
  1. Do you sleep spread out?
  2. Do you get woken easily by house hold noises?
  3. If you are hot do you stick your feet of the bed?
  4. Do you fall asleep easily?
  5. Do you get annoyed if you have just got in to bed and you have to get up again to do something?
  6. Do you like to sleep?
  7. Do you fall asleep during the day?
  8. If you had to could you sleep standing up?
  9. Did you like his quiz?
  10. This is the las question are you sad?

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Quiz topic: The How do I Sleep Quiz!!