How well do you know your sleep facts?

We all spend a lot of lives sleeping or wishing we were asleep. Or perhaps we just wake up feeling tired? Well lets see how well you know your sleep fact? Take the test now!!

Are you a Genius at Sleep? Do you know your sleep facts? Well take the test and see how you do? You may learn something that will change your life! Well at least you sleeping habits

Created by: paul
  1. How many hours sleep should an adult have each night?
  2. How often should you change your mattress?
  3. How often should you change your pillows?
  4. When do you dream?
  5. Who has been the leading supplier of adjustable beds in Canada for over 25 years?
  6. How can I enter in a competition to win a free bed?
  7. gghh
  8. dddd
  9. dddddddddddddd
  10. fffff

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my sleep facts?