Do you have Sleep Apnea?

Do You Snore, Have Insomnia, Feel Tired Each Day? You May Have a Sleep Disorder! Just about everyone at one time or another has awakened suddenly out of a sound sleep and gasped for air. But when that happens too frequently, chances are it is a sleep disorder. Now, not all sleep disorders are life-threatening or permanent, but some are and they require medical attention. One such sleep disorder is obstructive sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea by definition is the cessation of breathing during sleep. To understand this, when the body sleeps and the mind dreams, the slow, constant breathing is disrupted by the events of the dream.

Created by: Howard J. Hoffman
  1. Sitting and reading
  2. Sitting and reading
  3. Sitting and reading
  4. Sitting and reading
  5. Sitting and reading
  6. Sitting and reading
  7. Sitting and reading
  8. Sitting and reading
  9. Sitting and reading
  10. Sitting and reading
  11. Sitting and reading

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Quiz topic: Do I have Sleep Apnea?