How long would you survive in FNAF?

Everyone is crazed about FNaF. But no one knows how long they would actually last in that situation. So join the gang in chilling situations and some are just plain funny.

Have YOU ever wanted to work at the famous Freddy Fazbear's Pizza? But do you have the skills, or the guts? Find out in this quiz will you be a failure or a top employee?

Created by: UnknownNarwhal

  1. You see Foxy in the hallway you...
  2. Golden Freddy teleport in your room you...
  3. Your at 40% you..
  4. Chica asked you to open the door because she left her hairbrush in the office
  5. Bonnie says wanna hear his new song?
  6. Freddy starts laughing..
  7. You run out of power...
  8. You feel very thirsty
  9. You look around the corner and see blood on the wall but you don't know if its actually tomato sauce.
  10. You are super tired

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