FNaF theory quiz

There are many fnaf theorists in the world, and if you think you belong to these experts then take my splendid test that tests your knowlede on fnaf. Good luck!

Are you a real fnaf expert? Do you have the brain power to perfect my theory test? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to my theory test, in just a few minutes we will find out!

Created by: Zack Vincent De Jesus

  1. Who created FNaf?
  2. What is the name of the night guard of fnaf?
  3. How many characters are there in fnaf?
  4. What incident happened at night 4 of the game?
  5. How many animatronics are there in FNaf 2?
  6. What is used to the animatronics to ward them off?
  7. Who is night guard of fnaf 2?
  8. Which animatronic does not include in the custom night of fnaf 2?
  9. Who is the only real snimatronic in fnaf 3?
  10. What are the three things you need to take care off in fnaf 3?
  11. How many animatronics are there in fnaf 4 (Including the halloween update)?
  12. What can you see at the end of night six of fnaf 4?

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